About us

Our ESG Commitments 

We are advocates of the role technology plays in decarbonising the energy industry. Passionate about running our organisation in a sustainable way, we are proudly committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As we continue to develop and deploy technologies for a net zero energy industry, we’re equally determined to continuously improving our own sustainability as an organisation. We have a range of initiatives that closely align to eight of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to actively ensure we are a ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) responsible organisation.

We take pride in supporting the next generation of innovators. The Net Zero Technology Centre has hosted 31 internships, 12 Career Ready students and five Foundational Apprenticeships, while supporting a range of STEM initiatives such as Aberdeen Science Centre’s Theatre of Energy,  FIRST Lego League, the Titan Innovation Truck. SuSTEMability, Primary Engineer, Speakers for Schools and Climate Hereos. We ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and internally we promote lifelong learning opportunities through our learning and development policy.

One of our core values is inclusivity – we thrive on diversity of thought. We believe diversity and inclusion plays a key role in accelerating innovation. Over 50% of the Net Zero Technology Centre’s team are women; we actively champion gender-diversity in the energy industry. Discover our most recent D&I focused initiatives here.

Our ethos and core activities are led by the energy transition. Our technology vision seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing facilities, unlock the full potential of an integrated energy system, propel the energy industry towards a digital, automated future and accelerate clean energy start-ups to build a thriving supply chain. We say hello to the future of energy and a better world for all. Discover more about how we enable affordable, clean energy here.

We are committed to driving economic growth and building a thriving supply chain. Through our TechX Programmes we’re offering funding, expert mentoring and co-working space to start-ups with clean energy solutions that can help us reach net zero. With an additional two years’ growth support,  we help their growth trajectory continue towards successful commercialisation.

We facilitate a fair and inclusive culture with policies in place that offer our people flexi-time, necessary leave, development opportunities and more. We see our people as our greatest asset. As an accredited Living Wage Employer we are recognised as a responsible, thoughtful employer, that values our people and best practice.

We are proud to have established a culture of innovation in which our people, partners and stakeholders are supported in the best way possible. Collaboration is key to our success, we work with technology developers, SMEs and universities to accelerate innovation and technology development. We are a trusted partner with industry, running open innovation programmes which are equally matched investment from industry. We have also committed to developing local centres of excellence and have established two National Centres with the local universities.

Based at the heart of Aberdeen’s city centre, we are active in supporting our local community. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we supported our technology developers in producing face shields and we assisted Aberdeen City Council in managing their COVID response data.

We often participate in student surveys to help local students with their studies, and we offer a healthy, accessible working environment which provides EV chargers and bike to work schemes. We work closely with Port of Aberdeen in developing technologies to enable the transition and ensure long term sustainability at the heart of the city.

While focused on closing the gap in net zero technologies, our Centre’s internal sustainability team offers the necessary support and tools that can help our people account for their carbon footprint. We record, measure and analyse our operational carbon footprint and set achievable reduction targets in line with government targets. Alongside this we launched the use of the Pawprint app in 2021, which helps us involve and collaborate with staff on the theme of reducing our collective carbon footprints and impact within our communities.

In February 2021, Colette Cohen, CEO, pledged support for HRH The Prince of Wales and the Sustainable Markets Initiative’s ‘Terra Carta’.

Co-investing with industry and working in partnership with the public and private sectors, we are funding R&D, driving investment and influencing policy to accelerate the energy transition. We work with an array of partners to help us shape our project portfolio, and have established cross-sector alliances that will help us achieve an integrated energy system.

Our cross-border collaborations also allow us to collaborate with international partners to drive the global transition. We’re developing an international collaborative study, alongside an alliance of research centres from around the world, to compare technology gaps and innovation priorities across energy basins.

Click to view our 2021 annual sustainability report.
The report focusses on Sustainable Development Goal 13 - Climate Action.