The Clean Energy Start-up Pitch Battle

After showcasing 29 tech start-ups from around the world, each with technology solutions that can help accelerate the transition to a net zero energy industry, 10 finalists have been selected to pitch at our final event, live in Glasgow during COP26. 

The Pitch Battle is hosted by the Centre’s TechX team and is supported by its partners:

bp ventures, Greenbackers Investment Capital, Hydrogen Accelerator, ion Houston, Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, Repsol and Scottish Development International. 

The Pitch Battle Final

Click below to sign up to our COP26 Programme where you can watch the final 10 companies battle it out to be crowned the Net Zero Technology Centre's Clean Energy Start-Up Champion, taking place on Tuesday 2nd November 2021 13:30-16:30 GMT.

The virtual event will be hosted on the Net Zero Technology Centre’s events platform, Hopin, a virtual venue with multiple interactive areas that are optimised for connecting and engaging. When you register for our programme, you register for the whole programme. Just hop in and out of the events you want to attend.

In-person participation is invite-only or subject to availability. If you would like to register your interest to attend in-person in Glasgow, please email Please state your name, organisation, job title and which event you would like to attend.

The Pitch Battle Final judging panel:

    • Martin Gilbert - Chair, Net Zero Technology Centre (Chair of the Judging Panel)
    • Yewande Akinola – Ambassador for Clean Growth and Infrastructure, Innovate UK
    • Christian Arno - CEO, Pawprint 
    • Francesca Brady - CEO, AirRated
    • Gillian King - Senior Director Operations, OGCI Climate Investments






Learn more about our 10 finalists:

Brayfoil Technologies (South Africa) - Wind turbine blades. We are building the future of wind turbine blades – biomimicry-inspired morphing structures that change shape like bird’s wings to increase outputs and reliability, while enabling the next generation of larger turbines.

Carnot Engines (UK) - Zero carbon power units. Carnot is developing game-changing power units with twice the efficiency, half the fuel consumption and zero CO2 emissions.

Cemvita Factory (USA) - Carbon-negative chemicals. Cemvita applies synthetic biology to reverse climate change. We engineer microbes that can utilise CO2 as a feedstock for the production of carbon-negative industrial chemicals, helping heavy industries to decarbonise.

CO2 CirculAir (Netherlands) - SMART-DAC, wind driven carbon capture technology! Imagine chemical industry that collects feedstock from air! Imagine planes flying in the air on fuels produced from air! Imagine a circular economy with no need for fossil fuels! Can you imagine? We can!

Mineral Carbonation Int’l (Australia) - Carbon transformation. What if you could permanently store billions of tonnes of carbon and create buildings, infrastructure and inputs for manufacturing? MCi can achieve negative emissions, new industries and a profit in the circular economy.

PJP Eye (Japan) - Commercialised plant-based carbon batteries, "Cambrian", that are carbon neutral and help solve climate change. 10x faster charging without risk of explosion, 20 years' battery life, 100 % recyclable, revolutionising the renewable energy industry.

Saile (UK) - Offshore delivery. Saile’s mission is to change how the world delivers offshore. Through digitisation, Saile brings efficiency gains and emissions reductions to offshore industries. Our customers don’t hire a boat to deliver cargo, they Ship with Saile.

Solatom (Spain) - Concentrated solar. Started in a small garage, Solatom now promises to be a relevant actor in the energy transition with its modular concentrated solar plant, hybrid boiler and potential to produce green hydrogen.

Syzygy Plasmonics (USA) - Electrifying chemical production. We’re developing a first of kind photocatalytic reactor to electrify chemical production. When powered by renewables, our platform technology will dramatically cut costs & emissions from many different chemical reactions.

S2G Energy (Mexico) - Digital energy efficiency services. By making energy efficiency look easy, we’re changing the relationship between commercial and industrial operations and their energy use. Our Energy Assistant technology builds a customised path to impact and net zero.