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Applications for our electrolyser technology competition now open

We are seeking early-stage electrolyser technologies which have the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of hydrogen production. 

Closing date: Sunday 21st April 2024

Please read all the details provided on this page regarding Eligibility, Assessment Criteria and Timings. You should also familiarise yourself with the Terms & Conditions before applying. 

Completing the online form

  • Please note that during the process of completing the form, it is not possible to save your progress. Therefore, it is suggested that answers are drafted in Word (taking note of character limits) and then pasted into the form when you are ready to submit. 
  • We recommend clicking through the application form and viewing all questions before beginning your application.
  • Please complete all fields before submitting the form.
  • It is strongly recommended that you provide an answer to every question. However, if this is not possible, we suggest entering “n/a” or similar into blank fields.
  • Please note that the character limits in the online form are maximum limits. 
  • Deadline to submit form: 23:59 on Sunday 21st April 2024.

Slide pack and video inclusion

In addition to answering the questions on the application form, applicants must also prepare a slide pack and a simple video. The slide pack and video should complement your written answers and are an opportunity for you to provide visuals and imagery that enhance your application. 

Slide pack (four slides)

Applicants are asked to provide a slide pack, which should consist of 4 slides highlighting: 

  • How the technology works;  
  • Progress to date;  
  • How you will use the funding to develop the technology towards pilot / prototype stage;  
  • The team involved. 

The purpose of the slide pack is to augment the information you provide in the online form, so visuals which support your written answers are encouraged. 

Uploading: Please upload your slide pack to a sharing platform.  

Slide Pack link: Please provide a link to your slide pack in the online form. If this link is password protected, please also provide the password in the online form. 

Please note that the file size of the slide pack must not exceed 1GB. 

Video (three minutes maximum length) 

Applicants are asked to provide a simple video, briefly summarising: 

  • How the technology works. 
  • Your progress to date in developing the technology. 
  • Plans for future development, including long-term benefits to the Scottish economy and supply chain. 

Please note that the purpose of this video is to give you the opportunity to showcase your technology to us, in a way that augments the information you provide in the online form. Production values are not important to us and have no bearing on the assessment process. Simple videos filmed on a phone or similar are fine.  

Visuals and imagery will help us to understand better how your technology works, however we understand that applicants at the earlier stage of development may not have well-polished CAD drawings or animations. Please show us anything suitable that you do have – this could be a hand drawn sketch, simple mock ups or even videos of lab tests. 

Uploading: Please upload your video to a platform such as Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo or other platform.  

Video link: Please provide a link to your video in the online form. If your video is password protected, please also provide the password in the online form.  

If there are any difficulties or concerns over uploading and sharing your video or slidepack, please contact us at [email protected] 


  • The competition is open for submissions from Thursday 7th March 2024. 
  • Deadline is 23:59 on Sunday 21st April 2024. 
  • Competition finalists will be contacted in May 2024.  
  • Finalists will be asked to provide further information including a detailed budget, and NZTC will perform due diligence checks before a final decision is made. Please refer to the competition terms and conditions for more information.  
  • Final award is expected in May 2024.  
  • The Technology development Period will run from May 2024 until November 2025.