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Tech20: Boosting capital project performance through digital integration

December 1st 2022 08:30

What is Tech20?

This unique series presents a dynamic range of technology focused topics where you’ll have the chance to learn, engage and connect. Each event is split into three sessions – a 20-minute presentation, 20-minute Q&A and 20-minute opportunity to network.

Join us at the Net Zero Technology Centre, 20 Queen’s Road, Aberdeen, AB15 4ZT

Tech20 Overview:

Businesses across all industries are shifting focus on ways to improve the sustainability and financial performance of capital projects. Many large-scale investment projects suffer average cost overruns of up to 80% – this can be due to companies still heavily relying on spreadsheets for their procurement strategy.
eCERTO, founded by TechX start-up graduate Luis Ibarra, is developing a cost efficient and sustainable solution that harnesses the power of cloud computing and artificial intelligence. 
Our next Tech20 will explore INTEGRATI, a platform that combines parametric modelling, commercial model innovation and dynamic pricing to enable green financial decisions.

Luis’s Bio:

Luis is eCERTO’s CEO and Founder, responsible for providing strategic, financial, and operational leadership for the company.

With over 15 years of oil and gas experience, he initiated his career with Schlumberger’s Integrated Project Management; driving optimisation in wells delivery in factory drilling and HPHT campaigns under several contracting models, supporting operators across Latin America and the Middle East. Luis then completed an MBA at RGU and consulted with Shell before founding eCERTO.

As TechX (Cohort 2) alumni, eCERTO is now focused on driving the adoption of INTEGRATI™ to transform the sustainability and financial performance of capital projects across industries.

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