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31 May 2022 09:30 to 01 June 2022 13:00

Advanced Materials and Recyclable Wind Turbine Blade Forum



31 May 2022 09:30 to 01 June 2022 13:00


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Speaker: Pamela Lomoro, Project Manager, Net Zero Technology Centre

Session: Day 2: Sustainable Decommissioning of Wind Turbine Blades, 09:30

With Recyclable wind turbine blades, what will be done today will possibly revolutionize the industry in the nearest future. One of the greatest challenges encountered hovers around the cost and production of Wind Turbine Blades which has taken a toll in the manufacturing of these blades. The likes of world-class industries like Siemens, GE wind and others are constantly looking out for technology that will help in bringing down the cost mobilized for wind energy and build more efficient blades with advanced materials in the future.


Session: Day 2: The Future of Wind Turbine Blade Recycling & Repurposing - An End of Life Opportunity, 12:00


Pamela Lomoro, Project Manager, Net Zero Technology Centre

Mika Lange, General Manager, neowa GmbH

Edo Kuipers, Manager Engineering and Co-owner, We4Ce

Eva Philipp, Head of Environment & Sustainability Unit, Vattenfall 

This session will discuss

  • What happens to wind turbines when they reach the end of their lifespan?
  • Why is wind turbine recycling an increasingly important issue for the wind industry?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities of recycling wind turbines?
  • What strategies and approaches should we adapt to address the challenge of wind turbine blade recycling?
  • Who should take responsibility for recycling blades at the end of life?