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The Innovation Hub

We host a variety of activities in this exciting space, varying from tightly focused workshops through to technology showcase events. We bring together people from diverse backgrounds and industries, including technology providers, entrepreneurs, oil organisations, academics and creative professionals, to solve pressing industry challenges.

The Innovation Hub is the engine that drives innovation for the energy industry.

It’s one of the most advanced workshop spaces in the country. The combination of physical space and collaborative technology makes it unique and world-leading.

The Technology

  • The Innovation Hub is set up with a large 5 x 3 grid of Planar 55” panels, with a PQLabs infra-red touch interface.
  • The breakout (huddle) screens are 55” panels with full tilt and height adjustment, manufactured by Clevertouch.
  • We use a unique collaborative software for our workshop canvasses.


*Please note our Innovation Hub is not available for external hire.