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A touch of innovation brings future optimism

12 October 2021 1 minute read

Expectations for COP26 are high and growing. With world leaders attending and tens of thousands of people descending on Glasgow later this month [OCT], there is a real sense that the gathering will mark a defining moment in the climate emergency.

Will it? We will have to see. But it will certainly capture the attention of the world. And a large number of organisations believe it is important enough to organise their own global events in parallel with the main gathering.

Heavily involved in the debate will be Luca Corradi, the Centre’s Innovation Network Director. When it comes to the main COP gathering, he is a hopeful realist. “This kind of international negotiation is very complex and very difficult”, he says.

“My hope is that there will be some action in areas such as financial and international agreements. The growth in emissions is mainly coming from developing countries – that’s natural because that’s where 70% of the world population live, and are developing their economies and living conditions using their fossil fuel resources.”

Read the full interview published in the Herald.

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