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Colette Cohen, CEO NZTC gives her opinion on making the future with a just transition

10 August 2022

As the UK battles energy security, soaring energy prices and a cost-of-living crisis with inflation rising at its fastest rate for 40 years, the challenge of a just transition has never been more imperative.

The concept of a just transition recognises that while the move to net-zero is vital, it must be equitable.

I joined Scotland’s second Just Transition Commission (JTC) as a commissioner in 2021 to help progress the ambition that the energy transition would create benefits and opportunities for people across Scotland. Along with 15 fellow commissioners, we have hit a key milestone with the launch of the ‘Making the Future: Initial Report of the 2nd Just Transition Commission’.

The principle of a just transition must be entrenched into policy planning and delivery. The report sets out our initial thinking and strategic priorities for consideration by Scottish Government. It highlights the economic sectors due to be addressed by Just Transition Plans from the Scottish Government over the next 12-18 months which include energy, buildings and construction, transport, and agriculture and land use. The report also sets strategic priorities and recommendations around finance, social infrastructure, and Scotland’s international role.

Scotland has long been recognised as a global leader in energy production and distribution, renowned for pioneering innovation and engineering excellence. The burgeoning renewable and clean energy sectors offer significant opportunity for the Scottish economy and people. However, as we decarbonise our existing energy industry and develop a new energy system, we must ensure we retain current capability whilst building new capacity.

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