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Shell Joins Growing Group of Operators Driving Innovation In Emissions Monitoring Offshore

16 April 2021 2 minute read

Energy major Shell are the latest company to join a multi-operator group driving innovation to tackle the challenge of offshore methane emissions monitoring.

Leading this innovation is unmanned aviation business Flylogix, who alongside US gas sensor technology experts SeekOps and supported by OGTC, are operationalising the accurate measurement of methane emissions in the offshore environment. 

With no requirement to take personnel offshore, their approach uses an unmanned aerial system (UAS) operating beyond visual line of sight paired with a highly sensitive miniaturised sensor to collect data in the field.  Detailed post-flight analytics enable the translation of data into emission rates.  This technology could support operators in the drive towards net zero and in meeting best practice principles for methane management such as those outlined in the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0 framework.

This unique UAS-based solution to the emissions monitoring challenge could offer significant advantages in cost, safety, reliability and environmental responsibility over other alternatives.  In 2020 a series of trials deployed and proved the technology across all of bp’s assets West of Shetland.  Following further development work to optimise detection limits, the technology is now being trialled across northern, central and southern North Sea assets operated by a wide group which includes bp, Total, Harbour Energy and Shell.

Charles Tavner, Executive Chairman at Flylogix, said: 

“Technology is at its best when it is developed hand in hand with the end user – they have the best understanding of the problem.  We are pleased to have Shell bringing their insight and perspective to the group, helping to drive forward innovation in emissions monitoring.”

Iain Cooper, CEO at SeekOps, said: 

“The collaborative development of this unique offshore monitoring and quantification solution benefits greatly from Shell’s vision and focus on emissions reductions.”

Rob Littel, General Manager CO2 abatement and methane measurement technology at Shell said: 

“We are delighted to be joining this project. The collaborative approach is invaluable in driving shared understanding of innovative technology solutions and support the development of best practice across the industry.” 

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