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Data Extraction Software

Project Summary

This project will develop an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) solution to data mine the legacy integrity data held by an operator which in turn can be used to provide the necessary historical data needed to effectively manage the integrity of late life assets. Imrandd have already developed a rudimentary proof of concept which uses a template overlay to enable the data to be identified, extracted and loaded into a database.


It is estimated that manual processing of each inspection report takes an hour. An operator may have anywhere between 15,000 and 25,000 inspection reports in backlog with the data ‘lost’ due to the effort required to extract the data. The cost to extract this ‘lost’ data manually is estimated to be in the region of £525,000 to £875,000 per asset based on an average hourly rate of £35 p/hr for a technical assistant.

Extrapolating this to the UKCS based on 251 active assets. The costs of extracting the integrity data from the legacy inspection reports would be in the region of £131.7M and £219.6M.

Based on the proof of concept study the ETL method extracted the data 85% quicker than manual extraction therefore the cost saving for a one-off deployment (per asset) would be in the region of £446,250 to £743,750.

Extrapolating this across the UKCS with a 20% adoption rate this project has the potential to save the UKCS approximately £22.4M and £37.3M.


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