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Innovation Network

Our industry has a key role to play in the future - and it all starts with innovation.

Innovation comes in many forms and is often accelerated by making new connections, looking at challenges from a different point of view, and sharing knowledge and expertise.

And that’s why we established an Innovation Network; to connect the UK oil and gas industry with academia, scientific institutions, technology centres, communities of innovators and cutting-edge technology developers.

We collaborate with organisations, such as National Centre for Universities and Business, the UK Catapult centres and Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Network, and have established a UK-wide academic panel, to help fix the industry’s challenges of today, maximising economic recovery and transforming the sector for the low carbon future.

The Innovation Network helps us to:

  • Present and explain key industry challenges to a network of technology organisations, who may have solutions which could be adapted to solve key industry challenges.
  • Understand the technology trends and solutions that are changing other industries but haven’t found a clear way into oil and gas, identify possible value add applications for the industry, and bring together technology and sector experts in strategic conversations.

Do you want to join the Innovation Network? Engage with us on trends or technology? Share latest insights on future technologies? Then get in touch, we want to hear from you!