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Inspiring STEM

To deliver a net zero energy industry we must stimulate new thinking and innovation at all levels. At the Net Zero Technology Centre, we want to create a vibrant region to live and work in, with opportunities for generations to come.  


We work collaboratively with industry, regional bodies, schools, colleges and universities to promote entrepreneurship in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Through the presentations we deliver on energy transition and emerging technologies, we aim to emphasise the opportunities open to future generations to help us achieve a Net Zero Future.

Young people are given an insight into the world of employment through work experience and STEM events. There is support and information for school children, teachers, and parents to consider careers in the energy industry. There is also information and guidance for those who have already started their careers in the energy and related industries.

To date, we have 19 STEM initiatives delivered or underway. Some of these include:

  • Lego League
  • Career Ready
  • Kickstart Scheme
  • Primary Engineers
  • SusTEMability
  • Kemnay Academy-Excelerate Programme
  • Foundation Apprenticeship with NESCOL