Welded subsea pipeline systems are used in most developments. Industry needs more time and cost-effective alternatives to improve economics and unlock reserves. The Technology Leadership Board (TLB) highlighted the need for technology to support uneconomic small pools, particularly in reducing the cost of subsea tiebacks. We supported this project with Cortez Subsea identifying solutions for the Tieback of the Future.

Emissions Reduction

Mechanically connected subsea pipelay system improves integrity and saves 25-45% compared with traditional methods

The Cortez Subsea patented Modular Pipelay System (MPS™) enables Zap-Lok™ and other mechanically connected pipe to be laid from a standard DP2 vessel. This flexible pipelay is adjustable in both width and length, and has no heat affected zones, avoiding the need for welding. The GMC Intelligently Connected Pipe (ICP™) is designed for deep water and ultra-deep water (including pre/post-salt projects).

The ICP™ offers faster make-up due to pre-manufactured components being transported to the field as completed pipe joints. Integrity is also increased using high-strength, fatigue and corrosion-resistant connections.