The Centre supported OilField Innovations' onshore trial for enabling new rigless well plug and abandonment techniques - developing technology that eliminates the need to remove completion tubulars from the well when performing mandatory cement bond log assessment of primary cement that is essential for safe placement of abandonment plugs.

Emissions Reduction

Rigless compaction technology for well plug and abandonment could save £4million per well

Traditionally, abandonment of oil and gas wells is an expensive process using a rig to pull the tubing (reversing the installation process) to provide easy access to the casing space for setting of cement barrier plugs that seal off the well. This new technology developed by OilField Innovations removes a window of approximately 100ft of completion tubing from above the production packer to allow access to the production casing for cement bond logging and barrier placement, without the need to bring in a rig to recover the entire completion string. Using a piston/hydraulic force the proposed technology allows for severing and compaction of completion tubulars to compact the tubing. The piston can also clean casing surfaces during compaction to provide an unobstructed casing space suitable for cement bond logging and cement plug emplacement.

The key objectives for this project included collecting pressure and flowrate data for compacting 4½ and 5½ inch tubulars within 9⅝ inch casing to calculate the required forces to compact tubulars such that they occupy less than 50% of their original space.