Process vessel inspection is a major cause of production downtime and incurs significant cost to industry. We collaborated with Total to support the field trial of three non-intrusive inspection (NII) technologies as an alternative inspection method. 

Emissions Reduction

Project examines alternative non-intrusive inspection method to reduce the risk associated with confined entry, while optimising production efficiency

Total identified two process pressure vessels on its Elgin Franklin platform that were scheduled for traditional intrusive inspection. However in advance of this, they agreed to a NII field trial being carried out while the vessels were online and operational, allowing the results of both approaches to be compared and verified. 

Three technology providers - Sonomatic, Eddyfi and MISTRAS - were selected to conduct the field trials and deployed a range of ultrasonic corrosion mapping and time of flight diffraction solutions. 

 Each company was given the brief to develop a non-intrusive inspection plan using industry standard DNV Recommended Practice G103. Thus, ensuring that each inspection was carried out in line with industry best practice and adhered to the requirements needed to demonstrate a considered approach to non-intrusive inspection.