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Corrosion Radar - Corrosion Sensor development for detection of CUI

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Corrosion Radar

CorrosionRADAR designs and supplies the worlds longest range Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) monitoring technology for pipelines, refineries and more. The patented system enables the move away from manual inspections to automated monitoring, and from reactive to predictive corrosion management. Earlier detection aides with corrosion prevention, lowering costs and risk.

Corrosion Radar - Corrosion Sensor development for detection of CUI

Project summary

Corrosion Radar have developed a remote sensing technology which acts as a screening method for the onset of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and/or for locating CUI prone zones. The key technical innovation behind the system dubbed 'CorrosionRADAR' is a long-thin-flexible sensor that acts as a corrosion coupon to the corrosive environment near it. Specially coded electromagnetic signals are sent through the sensor and the reflected signals are interpreted using proprietary algorithms to locate corrosion. The sensor is permanently installed alongside a pipe or any other complex structure. The aim of the project is to conduct two validation trials at an onshore site(s) to prove that this technology can form part of the overall solution to managing CUI.


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Corrosion Sensor development for detection of CUI



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CUI poses a significant operational, safety and economic challenge. Since 1984, out of the 137 major oil and gas accidents reported within the EU over 20% have been associated with CUI.
It is currently estimated that CUI incurs 40 - 60% of the process plant maintenance costs within the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) and the value impact to the industry for better inspection techniques would be in the region of £130mllion per annum to the UKCS.