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Apply for our 2024 cohort

If you are a forward-thinking founder with new ideas that can help unlock the next generation of net zero technologies, we want to hear from you.

Deadline extended:
8 October 2023, 23:00 (GMT)

2023/10/08 23:59:00

Key Dates

Guidance notes

Start-ups will apply online and provide details on their business, founders and technology to be reviewed by a panel of industry assessors. Start-ups will be scored based on the technology innovation, technology impact, team and fit with TechX as evidenced by three key submissions.

Applications will be through the F6S platform. Teams will be required to create a profile in order to submit – the content of these profiles will not be assessed, only the answers to the application questions and submitted videos and slides will be.

As part of the application, start-ups will be required to submit three videos and a supporting slide deck. Videos will need to be uploaded online to a platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or otherwise and made unlisted with no password protection or with password supplied. The link should be provided in the application. See full guidance below:

Video 1

About your technology

  • TECH: What is the technology you are submitting to TechX and how does it work? How is the technology innovative? Please include a diagram or visuals which clearly explain how the technology works
  • PROBLEM: What is the problem you have identified and will your technology solve it? Please quantify if possible
  • PROGRESS: Describe your progress so far in developing the technology. At which Technology Readiness Level is it?
  • CUSTOMERS: Who will be your key customers? What benefits will your solution provide to these customers over existing solutions on the market? Why are these benefits important? Please quantify if possible
  • CLIMATE IMPACT: How will your technology contribute towards a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions? Please quantify if possible

The video should be no more than three minutes long.

Video 2

About your team

  • TEAM: Introduce your team members (names, job titles). What are the relevant skills and experiences your team has that will increase your start-up’s chance of commercial success?
  • GAPS: What skills gaps have you identified in your team and how do you plan to remediate them?
  • AMBITION: What is your ambition for the company over the next 10 years?

The video should be no more than three minutes long.

Video 3

Why TechX?

  • TECHX: How will participating in the TechX programme and receiving the TechX funding benefit your company?
  • SCOTLAND/UK IMPACT: How do you expect your company to benefit Scotland and the wider UK in the future?

The video should be no more than two minutes long.

Supporting slide deck

The pitch deck should be a maximum of 5 slides and provide additional evidence on the technology. The content should include:

  • A cover page (with the company name and website link)
  • A clear explanation on how the technology works
  • The problem your technology is solving
  • Your progress to date
  • An organisational chart of the team.

Visuals and diagrams should be included on the slides.

Based on these submissions, assessors will identify a shortlist of finalists who will need to prepare a pitch which they will deliver live virtually to a panel of judges followed by questions.

Download our Application Handbook

Download our Application Handbook for a full breakdown of the entry criteria and application process, as well as hints and tips on submitting a high-quality application.

Our team are here to help

If you have any further questions about the TechX Clean Energy Accelerator or application process, please get in touch.