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Smart Assets & Field Automation

An automated future

Onshore and offshore, on the surface and subsea, digitally-enhanced smart facilities now have the potential to revolutionise every part of our industry, delivering a step change in offshore operations.

Imagine a smarter North Sea, an offshore energy basin empowered by the latest digital technologies, where assets are remotely operated and human intervention is the exception and not the rule.

We’re investing in technologies that are propelling us towards that reality, employing a ‘space programme’ mindset that delivers the “Facility of the Future” allowing the asset to be operated and maintained remotely with zero intervention by humans unless absolutely necessary.


Our technology deep dive goes into detail on the technology themes we’re investing in, the priority areas, the industry challenges and the technology gaps that our projects address to accelerate a net zero energy industry.

smart assets
smart assets


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We’re accelerating the future of energy by closing the gap in net zero technologies.

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