Accelerating inclusion

Inclusivity is a core value of the Net Zero Technology Centre - diversity of thought drives us.  TechX offers a culture where everyone is valued, championing start-up diversity to create a level playing field for success.

As we build an entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports us in discovering the next generation of clean energy technologies, we are committed to accelerating inclusion for a diverse workforce in the energy industry. As we prime the companies of tomorrow for success, we help them understand the value of diversity and inclusion to their business. 

The TechX Clean Energy Accelerator promotes and nurtures start-ups comprised of team members with different backgrounds and experiences; we know this is a catalyst for innovation. Whatever your gender, ethnicity, disabilities and/or sexual orientation, all participants in TechX are given equal opportunities and treated with respect.

We know valuing diversity is a chance for start-ups to strengthen; the TechX Clean Energy Accelerator delivers dedicated training on building diverse teams and advisory boards, with an expectation that participants will follow this approach as they continue to grow. The programme is delivered virtually, allowing us to coach a wider range of founders and teams from across the globe, while opening the door to flexible working.

We’re making progress, but there’s still work to be done

In the UK energy sector 79% of companies have no women in executive director roles. As the energy industry strives to meet our 2050 net zero target, we must also be mindful of another goal, presented by POWERful Women: for 30% of executive director roles to be filled by women by 2030.

We must utilise today’s vast pool of female talent to transform the future.  At TechX our aspiration is that by 2025 we will see at least 40% of start-ups that graduate from each cohort of the TechX Clean Energy Accelerator to be female-led, to help ensure the energy sector excels for the next generation of game-changers. 

To ensure gender balance, we’re also:

  • Aiming for 50% of shortlisted start-ups for our fifth cohort to be led by women (as CEO or another senior leader with an equity stake in the company)
  • Retaining a 50% gender split in our judging panel for the cohort five finalist pitch day
  • Connecting with organisations and networks that champion female founders