TechX Ventures

The TechX Ventures programme brings together world-leading scientists and engineers to create new clean energy companies that solve critical technological challenges and accelerates an affordable energy transition.. TechX Ventures uses an innovative value-creation process developed by our partner Deep Science Ventures, which:

  • Identifies clean energy opportunity areas
  • Defines approaches to solve current challenges
  • Recruits company founders
  • Writes abstracts for potential start-ups
  • Selects the most promising start-up concepts
  • Recruits co-founders
  • Incorporates the chosen companies, which then enter the TechX Clean Energy Accelerator

In alignment with our core values, we support Deep Science Ventures’ D&I target: that 50% of the clean energy teams they create for the TechX programme will be gender diverse

The TechX Ventures programme has to date created three successful companies: Optic Earth, Mission Zero Technologies and Supercritical. Optic Earth is a geophysics AI company, Mission Zero is a company with a biomimetic direct air capture of CO2 technology and Supercritical is developing an ultra-efficient pressurised green hydrogen production technology.