Associate Partners

  • Pinnacle


    The Pinnacle team provide technical advice, knowledge and our experience to the TechX cohorts. This is delivered through working in a lean and agile way by iteratively building a product based on requirements gathering, use and feedback. This helps the companies to grow by offering cost efficient services and products. 

  • Celtic3d


    Celtic3d provide CAD design and prototyping services to the TechX pioneers. 

  • Fearsome


  • Design & Code

    Design and Code

    As a creative design and development agency we offer the TechX Pioneers a variety of valuable services, these include brand identity, building their online presence and a big benefit to those not quite ready to create a physical prototype, product/process visualisation through digital 3D modelling or animation. We had a lot of interest from the pioneers about the various ways we were able to help and were pleased to get the go ahead to work with a couple of them. 

  • Aberdein Considine

    Aberdein Considine

  • io


    Find out more about io here

  • Sentec


    Find out more about Sentec here

  • EDR Medeso

    EDR Medeso

    Find out more about EDR Medeso here

  • University of Aberdeen

    University of Aberdeen

    Find out more about the University of Aberdeen's Centre of Energy here

  • Mage Control Systems

    Mage Control Systems

    Find out more about Mage Control Systems here

  • Firecracker


    Find out more about Firecracker here. 

  • STEP 3D

    STEP 3D

    Find out more about STEP 3D here. 

  • Optimus


    Find out more about Optimus here.

  • 4c Engineering

    4c Engineering

    Find out more about 4c Engineering here. 

  • GDI


    Find out more about GDI here. 

  • Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services

    Find out more about Amazon Web Services here.