TechX Programmes

Accelerating tech start-ups for a net zero energy industry.

TechX is the Net Zero Technology Centre’s entrepreneurship engine. Attracting the most diverse, innovative technology start-ups from around the world, our award-winning programmes provide clean energy start-ups and early-stage businesses with the tools, support and resources they need to grow, with the aim of accelerating the transition to an affordable net zero energy industry. 

Whether you have an idea for a new technology, an existing proof of concept that needs further technology development or want to validate your solution with the market, we have a programme that is right for you. 

TechX Clean Energy Accelerator

Our accelerator offers clean energy start-ups an intensive 15-week full-time programme experience, with benefits that include expert technology and business support, mentorship, prototype development, the opportunity for field trials with some of the largest companies in the energy industry and a grant of up to £100,000 per start-up.

Our Strategic Partners are bp, Equinor and ADNOC. 

Our Professional Services Partner is Accenture.

TechX Incubation

TechX Ventures

Bringing together world-leading scientists and engineers to create new clean energy companies which solve critical technological challenges. Run in partnership with Deep Science Ventures.

TechX Ideas Club
Supporting and inspiring female clean energy founders to help them generate, develop and validate new ideas, and launch new clean energy businesses. 

TechX Growth

Our growth programme provides TechX accelerator graduates with two years’ free co-working space and business support to ensure their growth trajectory continues towards successful commercialisation.

“As we reinvent bp and set a new strategic direction to a low-carbon future, it’s fantastic to see several TechX cohort three pioneers focusing on solutions to reduce emissions and deliver sustainable energy.”

- Nacho Gimenez, Managing Partner, bp ventures

“Equinor is pleased to be part of the 2020 TechX Accelerator and to support radical innovations from small start-ups with BIG ideas!”

- Jeroen van der Hoek, Investment Manager,
  Equinor Ventures