Cohort 3

  • Actuation Lab

    Actuation Lab

    Bristol, UK

    Founder: Simon Bates
    Solution centre alignment: Marginal Developments

    Working with the UK’s National Composites Centre, Actuation Lab is developing high performance, maintenance free, corrosion resistant actuators that are designed to survive in the world’s most extreme environments.


  • Carnot LTD

    Carnot Ltd

    London, UK

    Co-founders: Archie Watts-Farmer, Francis Lempp
    Solution centre alignment: Net Zero

    Carnot is developing ceramic engines with double the efficiency and half the fuel consumption/CO2 emissions of current engines. Key target markets are Generators and Marine/Automotive Propulsion. The engine will be developed to run on all fuels including biofuels and hydrogen

  • Creid 7

    Creid 7

    Edniburgh, UK

    Founder: Laurie Costello
    Solution centre alignment: Wells

    This start-up offers Wellhead Installation and Integrity Inspection Tool to validate correct installation of equipment in real time while characterising seal condition. Filed a UK patent and PCT application, Creid 7 was awarded a £100k SE SMART feasibility grant to further develop this technology.



    The Hague, Netherlands

    Founder: James Wardrop
    Solution centre alignment: Asset Integrity/Digital Transformation

    ENGTECH offer a cloud based platform for digitising data, linking data sets via locations and time and providing context through the introduction of engineering equations. The automation of finite element analysis allows for rapid engineering assessments. As the dataset grows, their customers will benefit from the use of predictive analytics and utilising AI to assist in data driven integrity planning.

  • Nudge Exchange

    Nudge Exchange

    Glasgow/Aberdeen, UK

    Founder: Darren Nicol
    Solution centre alignment: Digital Transformation

    Nudge Exchange provides a platform to connect agile companies with a flexible workforce. It will also be a trusted environment for companies to come to when they have a resourcing requirement for a project which they need to fill efficiently, to the highest standard, at a real market price and in line with current IR-35 legislation.

  • Puls8


    Aberdeen, UK

    Co-founders: Bruce Harrold, Paul McMillan
    Solution centre alignment: Decommissioning

    Puls8 are offering an alternative to traditional Verification of Piping and Tubing which is often Time Consuming, Expensive and Difficult which can lead to incidents.

    Failing to identify the targeted line can be extremely dangerous and they can help eliminate this with their simple and Non-Intrusive Pulser tool. 

    Instant and categoric confirmation that can be used by many disciplines in a range of scopes – De-Commissioning, Planned and Unplanned Maintenance, Construction and Commissioning.

  • QLM


    Bristol, UK

    Founder: Xaio Ai
    Solution centre alignment: Net Zero/Asset Integrity

    QLM is developing sensitive and low cost technology to detect emissions of methane at long ranges through the use of lasers. This will enable the oil and gas industry to cost effectively identify and quantify fugitive emissions of methane to cut the carbon footprint of natural gas. The technology has been successfully trialled at the National Physics Laboratory.

  • Steel Space Drilling

    Steel Space Drilling

    Aberdeen, UK

    Founder: Alan Phillips
    Solution centre alignment: Wells

    A single run, downhole powered, casing drilling tool with a design that uses a simple but revolutionary technique of using multiple slim hole positive displacement motors mounted on the casing string to drive a single casing drilling shoe. To compliment this tool, a steerable design is also being developed which has the potential to revolutionise well construction and challenges the use of drill pipe completely.

  • Mellizyme Biotechnology Ltd.


    Solution centre alignment: Net Zero

    A patent-pending enzyme for the low-energy bio-recycling of plastics into valuable chemicals

  • Mission Zero

    Mission Zero

    Solution centre alignment: Net Zero

    Mission Zero is developing novel, bio-inspired, and low-energy CO2 capture that is cost-competitive at all scales, works with air and point sources, and integrates into the CO2 value chain to connect with emitters and consumers, from the energy sector to the food & beverage industry. Through this, we are facilitating and accelerating the transition to a carbon-negative future.

  • sHYp


    Solution centre alignment: Net Zero

    Storage of surplus energy from off shore wind farms or oil rigs in green hydrogen as the most versatile energy carrier produced from sea water to provide grid stabilization as well as fuel for the maritime industry.

  • Supercritical


    Solution centre alignment: Net Zero

    A radical redesign of the electrolyser to reduce electrical consumption using heat which can be sourced from waste or low carbon sources. This makes Supercritical perfectly suited to integrating with heavy industries to utilise their waste and decarbonise their operations as well as delivering low-cost hydrogen wherever it's needed.