Pioneer Cohort 1

  • Blue Gentoo

    Blue Gentoo

    Aberdeen, UK

    Blue Gentoo provides its clients with the ability to actively manage gas hydrate risks. The company is developing a gas hydrate management solution to provide real-time monitoring of gas production flow. This will mitigate and manage the formation of gas hydrates and ensure the efficient dosing of ‘anti-freeze’ chemicals saving the customer millions on OPEX.

  • Envio


    London, UK

    Envio's solution allows equipment to be tracked through a digital tracing mechanism. Originally developed for tracking the transportation of high value retail goods, the technology is being deployed to monitor the movement of mission critical equipment offshore.

    Envio's proprietary equipment containers remotely verify contents, location, usage and even prevent tools that are out of certification from being used.

  • Immaterial


    Cambridge, UK

    Immaterial manufactures super-adsorbent nanomaterials which can dramatically reduce the cost of separating, storing, and transporting gas. The project looks to compress, rather than the liquify, natural gas which delivers significant financial and CO2 savings on each tonne of gas shipped.

    Further opportunities are possible regarding downhole refinement and selective element extraction as well as carbon storage.

  • Paragon Inspection Ltd

    Paragon Inspection Ltd

    Dundee, UK

    Paragon is developing integrated digital inspection technology which will transform the inspection of small bore tubing and hugely reduce hydrocarbon leaks.

    The technology can be used to assess small bore tubing to provide an effective indicator as to whether the tubing has been correctly assembled and automatically register this and reporting associated risk back to the customer.

  • RAB Microfluidics

    RAB Microfluidics

    Aberdeen, UK

    RAB Microfluidics is a research and development start-up from Aberdeen University developing cutting-edge microfluidic technology to provide real time condition monitoring and predictive failure analysis for rotating equipment.

    The company's project features a miniature ˜lab-on-a-chip' condition monitoring device that analyses metal fragment content in lubricating oil to diagnose early signs of equipment failure.

  • Tenzor Geo Ltd

    Tenzor Geo Ltd

    Aberdeen, UK

    Tenzor Geo provides an integrated service in micro seismic data acquisition and interpretation for high accuracy hydrocarbon mapping, delivering a multi-million dollar reduction in E&A campaign costs.

    Based on a maximum likelihood method, the service has had technical and commercial success onshore.

  • Sensalytx Ltd

    Sensalytx Ltd

    Aberdeen, UK

    Sensalytx is a data analytics and visualisation company that has developed an artificial intelligence based modular software platform. The software will analyse and visualise Distributed Optical Sensing data showing fluid movement inside and outside a well. It will facilitate well condition assessment and monitoring over the life of a well, especially when planning plug and abandonment operations.

    It will analyse fluid flow across multiple completion tubing, casing, cement and formation interfaces beyond the capabilities of current logging techniques. It will deliver significantly quicker analysis, state of the art visualisation and decision ready analysis reports.

  • Tubular Sciences Ltd

    Tubular Sciences Ltd

    Aberdeen, UK

    Tubular Sciences is developing ZIP - the next evolution of metal to metal, permanent pipe connection technology. The early stage concept is for a hydraulically swaged ZIP joint for pipeline construction.

    This offers a non-welded, non-glued solution which is applicable to all pipelay applications including challenging and deepwater. ZIP could significantly reduce lay times, personnel requirements and all associated costs.

  • Test 1 srl

    Test 1 srl

    Brescia, Italy

    Test 1 srl has developed a unique sponge-like material that only soaks up oil and hugely outperforms existing spill absorbing materials. In only a few minutes, the material absorbs every kind of hydrocarbon up to 35 times its own weight and can be reused more than 100 times. One kilogram of PUFF sponge can absorb three tonnes of oil in any weather and sea condition and in any location. The absorbed oil can be recovered for recovery and processing instead of disposing it, like current methods.

    There is also an opportunity to use the product in revolutionary filters for areas such as produced water to further recover oil in the process.




    Intelift is looking to develop intelligent offshore solutions for safer and more efficient crane operations. The technology will scan a load and compare it to a scan of a lay down area, ensuring a safe and efficient lay down. It will also include crane black camera, communications and proximity warning system for crane driver and personnel to ensure safe operation at all times.

    This solution will improve safety onboard and help prevent incidents and fatalities.