About us

Technology driving transition

Our purpose is to develop and deploy technology for an affordable net zero energy industry.

We aim to accelerate the energy transition by closing the gap in net zero technologies.

Our world is facing two great challenges: reducing our carbon emissions to net zero and continuing to meet our energy needs. As industries transition, we must ensure resilient and affordable energy supplies. For the oil and gas sector and other hard to decarbonise industries to support the UK’s net zero target, innovation is key.  

We work with our partners on these challenges, seizing the opportunity to inspire creativity, drive innovation, and secure support needed to deliver sustainable energy long term. 

New name, same purpose 

We have changed our name from OGTC to the Net Zero Technology Centre. 

Our new name more accurately reflects our purpose and reinforces our technology vision. A vision that aims to reduce emissions from existing facilities, unlocks the full potential of an integrated energy system, propels the energy industry towards a digital, automated future and accelerates clean energy start-ups to build a thriving supply chain. 

We were created in 2017 as part of the Aberdeen City Region Deal (ACRD), with £180 million of UK and Scottish government funding to maximise the potential of the North Sea.

Net zero isn’t new to us. Since our inception in 2017, we have been advocates of the role of technology in decarbonising the oil and gas industry. We opened our Net Zero Solution Centre in 2019. In 2020, we redefined our purpose to focus on developing and deploying technology for an affordable net zero energy industry.  

A technology vision in action

Co-investing with industry and working in partnership with the public and private sectors, we are funding R&D, driving investment, building a clean energy eco-system and influencing policy to accelerate the transition and close the gap on net zero technologies. 

We are working cross-sector and internationally to tackle the most complex and most critical technology challenges; commercialising game-changing innovations, helping developers secure field trials, and accelerating those tech start-ups with the most promising clean energy solutions. 

Already supporting the oil and gas industry to diversify, decarbonise and digitise, we are well on our way to developing the next generation of technology solutions. Solutions that address real-world challenges across a range of sectors from renewables to manufacturing and accelerate our integrated energy future. 


Today’s ideas become tomorrow’s technology 

Securing the future starts today and we are resolute in our mission to inspire and innovate in an inclusive environment. We are fostering networks within and beyond the energy industry to cultivate a culture of innovation, attracting and preparing the next generation net zero workforce and innovators. 

The future of energy is exciting and it starts here.