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Unleashing innovation in primary education

By forging meaningful links between the engineering industry and local primary schools, we are able to guide, train and encourage pupils and teachers through a range of exciting projects and programmes.

The Primary Engineering Programmes

The Primary Engineering Programmes are comprised of exciting projects such as:

  • The Shoe Box Vehicle – a project that boosts creativity, lower Primary school pupils will learn to design and build a shoebox vehicle utilising a variation of materials
  • The Electrically Powered Vehicle – a project that promotes innovation, upper Primary school pupils will utilise electrical components and circuits to design and build a functioning vehicle

SusTEMability Challenge

We are also supporting the SusTEMability Challenge for P4-P7 pupils, which aims to raise awareness of sustainability and inspire young people to explore ways and means through STEM projects.

Pupils will explore and develop new ideas and inventions to ensure that the environment is protected. Working in teams, participants will enhance their communication skills before digitally presenting to judges.