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CCUS & Carbon Removal

Clearing the air

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) is necessary to support the decarbonisation of the economy and key to reaching net zero ambitions by 2050. CCUS has a vital role in decarbonising energy intensive industries where emissions cannot be abated by switching fuel or electrification, and from removing legacy emissions from the atmosphere.

With an estimated potential to lock away 78 billion tonnes of CO2 on the UKCS, the UK can be a world leader in carbon dioxide storage services, providing new economic opportunities to store not only UK emissions but emissions from across Europe.

Technology will play a critical role in unlocking this potential. We are championing technology that brings down the costs of capture, turns CO2 from a liability to an asset through the creation of new carbon utilisation products, and enables the safe transportation and storage of CO2 to ensure it is removed permanently and doesn’t escape back into the atmosphere.


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