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3D Data connect and share platform streamlines industry data

Project Summary

Industry context/Challenge:  

There are hundreds of available file formats for 3D as-built data collection and modelling. Different 3D scanners produce raw data in multiple formats and some processing software is only capable of accepting certain file types, creating huge interoperability issues. 

An inability to assess the data that already exists, is creating a huge amount of unnecessary duplicated scans and numerous repeat, timely and costly, site visits. It is estimated that currently in the UK around £204M per annum is spent conducting site surveys and accessing information to facilitate offshore repair and maintenance operations. 

Project overview: 

The project set out to create and host a fully comprehensive data storage and interrogation system with associated online sharing platform, providing the client with the required access and training to ensure the system was readily accessible to users. It sought to reduce data collection costs, reduce unnecessary duplication, increase data availability, increase re-usability and increase quality, creating a product that would become the first stop for all scanning and visual information needs.  

The project scope was to trial both open APIs from AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure Machine Learning, which uses algorithms to create a simple drag-and-drop interface to eliminate the opportunity for lost data through human error misplacement and reduces duplication.  

The project developed a vendor neutral platform for creating and managing information on construction projects across the asset lifecycle. Data properties were standardised, allowing drag and drop when uploading, and delivered automated notifications to the relevant users notifying them of new data available.  

One of the key outputs of this process is the Information Model, a +/- 1mm dimensional accurate reflection of every aspect of the offshore asset. This model draws on information assembled collaboratively and updated at key stages of a project. Creating an up to date digital as-built model enables those who interact with the asset to optimise actions from the desktop, resulting in a greater whole life value for the asset. The product also delivered an immersive solution that requires no additional software or plugins all streamed via the web. 

Industry value:

Eserv developed a cloud-based data solution that is fully compatible with AWS and Microsoft cloud solutions and implemented a workflow function that allows all data to be exported into multiple formats without showing any discrepancies to data accuracy.  


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