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An innovative and alternative single lift system which enables cost-effective decommissioning through removal and transportation of complete offshore jacketed platforms

Project Summary

The estimated cost of decommissioning North Sea platforms on the UK Continental shelf is in the region of £51 billion (OGA Report, 2019). Innovative technology such as Keops, an alternative single lift system that facilitates the removal and transportation of complete offshore jacketed platforms, is key to unlocking cost-effective solutions for decommissioning offshore platforms.

This project saw the fabrication of Keops model to allow Costain to undertake proof of concept testing and design refinement. Costain completed a structural analysis study to prove the lifting and transportation system and demonstrate the potential savings.

Industry value:
This system provides a highly cost-effective solution for decommissioning offshore platforms, with potential for re-use of the platform and the system itself.

Key results:
The project confirmed that the jacket structure was capable of supporting the platform during lifting and transportation with this system applied. Local checks on the jacket structure at the clamp locations will be required at a later stage, which will be reviewed in conjunction with the clamp arrangement design.

Lessons learned:
A proof of concept test using a model prototype or by simulation involving hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis together with oversight and assessment by an independent marine warranty survey will be completed. The results will then be compared with the initial structural design study by Costain.

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