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The hydrogen landscape at regional, national and international level

Project Summary

As the energy integration industry continues to gain momentum, there are a number of projects, initiatives and organisations across Scotland and beyond working in the hydrogen space. Having a robust understanding of the ongoing activities is essential maximise engagement across the industry, whilst ensuring the oil & gas industry fully leverages existing skills to complement the changing landscape. NZTC, working with TOTAL Energies commissioned this study to address that challenge.

The study comprised of two discrete elements as follows:

  • Scope 1 – The Hydrogen Landscape in Scotland and Beyond: Review the hydrogen landscape at a regional, national and international level.
  • Scope 2 – The Hydrogen Economy – Potential Impact in Scotland: Produce a Business Case that outlines the economic impact that industrial scale blue and green hydrogen could have in Scotland.

Industry value:
The study outlined pathways to GW scale hydrogen in Scotland including market analysis and presented strategically important projects for information.

Key results:
Scope 1 of the project outlined the ongoing hydrogen activities within Scotland and globally, while identifying key organisations within the supply chain actively involved in developing the hydrogen economy. Over 20 projects were identified by the study, with summaries and an interactive map prepared on them. TA GW hydrogen diagram was also delivered highlighting the hydrogen lifecycle from production to end uses.

Scope 2 of the project was not completed as the project was paused due to strategic personnel and organisational changes.

Lessons learned / Next steps:
The hydrogen economy represents a significant opportunity for Scotland, with multiple projects ongoing and under development.

Next steps include continuing to build the NZTC strategy for technology development in support of hydrogen production, storage and transport.

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