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Marine transport of bulk hydrogen using LOHC 

Project Summary

Hydrogen will facilitate various decarbonisation applications, with the Scottish and UK governments outlining hydrogen production targets of 5 and 10GW, respectively, plus the European Commission’s targets for 10 million tons of hydrogen to be imported by 2030, the ability to export hydrogen from Scotland to the UK and Europe is imperative.  

Project overview: 

The study’s objective was to determine the most economically advantageous solution for transporting hydrogen, at scale, in Scotland, and establish a basis for a pilot trial of hydrogen shipment between two Scottish Ports. The study evaluates the techno-economic, safety and environmental factors involved in bulk hydrogen transport and selects the most economically practical solutions. 

The study found that transport of Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) between ports within the UK will be feasible using existing type and size of ships available.

Industry value:  

A range of different LOHC and other hydrogen carriers were assessed and the most advantageous from a combined cost, technical and EHS viewpoint was the LOHC type dibenzyltoluene (DBT).  

As a result of the findings, it was recommended phase 2 and a specific project feasibility study should be carried out. This phase would develop a concept design for producing LOHC at one location and transporting it by ship to a second location where the hydrogen can be released for use.

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