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Scoping build-up of hydrogen production and supply through Bacton

Project Summary

The production, storage and transportation of alternative fuels play a key role in decarbonising heavy industry and are fundamental to the transition to net zero.

Creating multiple energy hubs in strategic locations around the UK will integrate various energy vectors to meet national power demands and facilitate European and Worldwide energy export.

Project overview:

This project scoped the potential build-up of hydrogen production and supply through Bacton to the surrounding New Anglia area. It considered the broader regional economy and the connected energy markets, defined and estimated potential markets, and identified the key elements of an associated “energy hub”.

  • Identified possible participating gas assets, including any new requirements.
  • Identified interactions and potential synergies with existing, planned and future deployment of offshore wind in the SNS area and other low-carbon technologies in the surrounding East Anglian region.
  • Assessed the benefits of developing a Bacton Energy Hub and associated hydrogen markets.
  • Assisted in developing a constructive working relationship with other key regional sector stakeholders in promoting the importance of the New Anglia region as a potential hydrogen region.

Industry value:

The scale and complexity of the Bacton Energy Hub will depend on the appetite and ability of asset owners and operators to collaborate on a mutually beneficial design. In addition, the strategic importance of a potential energy hub will elevate if exporting hydrogen to Europe could be facilitated using the existing interconnectors.

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