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Technology – why should you care?

03 June 2019
Written by Colette Cohen OBE

Since the inception of the OGTC we regularly get challenged on what value technology brings and why companies should engage or get excited about technology.  We co-invest to enable industry to find new solutions, innovate and prepare for a sustainable future.

And we are seeing the results…..many companies are already improving their costs, productivity and efficiency through the deployment of appropriate technology. From non-intrusive inspection techniques, which slash the number of shut down days required annually, to the use of data analytics to increase uptime, delivering more production and higher predictability.

More new innovative technologies are on their way.

Here are 3 technologies being field trialled in the North Sea this year. Envio – improving high value equipment inventory management, EC-OG Power Hub – generating power from tides to unlock the potential of stranded wellheads and GDI’s digital twin, allowing improved efficiency and decision making through real time 3D modelling and visualisation.

How could you use these technologies and many more being invested in by industry and the OGTC to make your business more efficient, lower cost and able to thrive in a competitive basin?

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