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TechX Cohort 3: And we are off……not a sprint but a semi-decent jog!

03 July 2020

TechX has officially started and although the program itself doesn’t start until August we have been assigned our manager, Stuart, and we have held an introductory session and met our cohort. One word…WOW! What an amazing bunch with potential moon-shot technologies, so I’m humbled that we made it onto the program and look forward to working alongside some of the industries brightest minds!

It’s also awesome that around 50% are clean tech, let’s be honest as a species we are pretty, for want of a better word, manky (plastic in the oceans, pollution, climate change) we’ve not done great and to give future generations half a chance the energy transition needs to happen. We can either wait for it (not really an option), or tackle it head on. The OGTC are doing the latter and is trying to drive change and the energy transition forward, but what does it all need? Talent, and lots of it.

Where these changes do take time, which can be increasingly frustrating for individuals especially when out of work, I don’t think anyone disagrees that it is the future for the region. Luckily, it’s a region with globally renowned talent which will be needed to accelerate the transition and meet the ambitious targets. We aim to play our part by being the talent conduit for some of these exciting projects and work is in progress to target some of these relevant non-oil and gas opportunities, look out for these on:

The challenge will be retaining the experienced and attracted the new, but it’s a challenge we are up for. So, what gives us the ability to do this, well within the team we have Doug, a seasoned recruitment expert that has been in the industry through a number of highs and lows, myself, an ex-contractor that feels that the process could be improved for all participants and Shaun, who is our technical dude guiding us daily on what we need to build. In short we are coming at it from both angles, what works for companies and the contractor.

Development will start in July and all going well we will be making connections within 8 weeks. Follow our journey at:

Good luck and stay safe, team Nudge.

TechX cohort three launches August 17th – find out more here!

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