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Explore the latest tech trends with world-leading experts who ask big questions and share big ideas. #TimetoTech20

This unique webinar series presents a dynamic range of technology focused topics where you'll have the chance to learn, engage and connect. Each event is split into three sessions - a 20 minute presentation, 20 minute Q&A and 20 minute opportunity to network.

Step into our culture of innovation as we explore the new and surprising technologies that are shaping our industry and supporting the transition to a net zero future.

This event welcomes people of all ages, from all industries and professions, and is free to attend. 

Sign up and let your network know you're attending Tech20 by using the hashtags #Tech20 and #TimetoTech20 on social media! 

Find out more about upcoming Tech20 webinars and register here. Or catch up on the latest, available on demand here:

Tech20: The need to build things faster 

Chris Huntingford, Global power Apps Lead for Avanade talks about the value of YOUR time! He shows you how he navigated the virtual world of meetings and other engagements whilst still delivering his work by using some of Microsoft’s best known business platforms.


Tech20: Manning Modernized On the road to Autonomous Operations

Elgonda La Grange, Strategy Manager - Digital Solutions at Siemens Energy, takes a deep-dive into the challenges and opportunities associated with de-manning brownfields and discuss the strategic approach for addressing the technical and organisational hurdles that stand in the way of making it a reality.

Tech20: Remote, fast, efficient &... wrong?

Innes Auchterlonie, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Imrandd discusses the misunderstanding that conscious and unconscious bias have to do with data and our decision making…

Tech20: Digital Telepresence - You are now leaving the era of physical travel

David Sime, Technical Director at Riiot Digital Ltd. explores the game changing solutions AR and VR can bring to the Energy Sector.