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Colette Cohen: We need to ramp up the pace of energy transition activity and change

02 May 2022 2 minute read

While the transition inevitably creates many challenges, it also provides multiple opportunities for our region to make its mark in helping to deliver a greener planet.

In the April edition of the Press and Journal’s business supplement, low-carbon initiatives across the north and north-east are put firmly in the spotlight. Colette Cohen, CEO at NZTC talks about how Scotland can be a global leader and how an integrated national plan is ‘paramount’.

We’re at a pivotal point in the energy transition. The ambition has been established and elevated by the recent publication of the UK government’s Energy Security Strategy. Yet world events have shown how precarious energy security is and the huge impact energy price has on overall cost of living.

So when we look at the challenge of energy transition, we must accept a number of fundamental basics. It is a transition, we will need fossil fuel for the foreseeable future. Our future energy solution, will be integrated, varied and diversified. And if we are to deliver this as net zero, we need innovative solutions which make the future energy mix affordable as well as clean.

The North East and the North Sea have a huge role to play. With the right mindset, commitment and policies, we can be a power hub for energy diversification. A hub for clean fossil fuels supporting Blue and Green Hydrogen, accelerating floating offshore wind and decarbonizing high carbon intensive industries through cost effective delivery of carbon sequestration.

Scotland can be a global leader

But all studies show, to capitalize on the opportunity we need to increase our pace of activity and the pace of change.

The Net Zero Technology Centre is at the forefront of affordable technology development and deployment. The projects that we are collaborating on with Government, industry, academia and partners will enable Scotland to become a global leader in net zero technologies; as a manufacturer, designer, installer and operator of the next generation of energy systems. 

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