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Innovative technology projects showcased to solve key oil and gas industry challenges

18 May 2017

The Oil & Gas Technology Centre joined forces with Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to showcase nine innovative technology projects to potential oil and gas adopters.

The Project Showcase event, held at the Oil & Gas Technology Centre, focused on three key challenges for the oil and gas industry; detecting corrosion under insulation (CUI); inspection of vessels; and Big Data.

The projects were all successful applicants to Innovate UK’s ‘energy game changer’ funding competition, which provided up to £100k to more than 40 projects for feasibility studies.

The organisations and projects showcased were:

3-Sci: A fully autonomous, in-situ, moisture monitoring system for CUI
Inspection Technologies: Detection of CUI via distributed network of EIS (Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy) sensors
Inductosense: Embedded sensors for inspection of CUI
York Instruments: CUI imaging with atomic magnetometers
Ross Robotics: Reconfigurable robots for pressure vessel inspection
OC Robotics: Snake-arm robotic inspection for offshore oil & gas pressure vessels
i3d robotics: New weld inspection system based on advanced 3D vision and robotic arm technology
IS-Instruments: Monitoring waste using a spectroscopic technique to observe vibrational, rotational, and other low-frequency modes in a system.
Celerum: Using Big Data to transform the offshore oil & gas supply chain

Steve Roberts, Digital Solution Centre Manager for the Oil & Gas Technology Centre, said: “It was great to see such a wide range of projects that are closely aligned with the priorities of our Asset Integrity and Digital Solutions Centres. We want to create a culture of innovation and events like the Project Showcase help us achieve that goal.”

Derek Allen, Innovation Lead, Energy for Innovate UK, said: “The event was a great opportunity for the organisations to showcase their projects, receive valuable feedback from end users at an early stage and establish contacts with a wide range of operators and key service providers.”

Click to download event slides.

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