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New book set to ignite girls’ energy ambitions

04 November 2018

An inspirational new book which shines a light on female role models in the UK ’s oil and gas industry was published last week.

Titled “The Oil Industry’s Best Kept Secret: A book full of inspiration and advice”, the project, penned by Oil & Gas UK Operations Optimisation manager Katy Heidenreich, aims to encourage more girls to pursue careers in the critical energy sector. 

Sponsored by the Oil & Gas Technology Centre, BP, Shell and BH GE, the publication includes profile pieces and advice drawn from interviews with women from across the sector.

Launching today during an event at Spirit Energy, Katy Heidenreich will be joined by industry and will give her thoughts on its findings.


The Oil Industry’s Best Kept Secret: A book full of inspiration and advice

Colette Cohen, CEO at the Oil & Gas Technology Centre said:

“The Oil & Gas Technology Centre are delighted to support this fantastic initiative. It’s immensely important that we continue to inspire the next generation and promote the opportunities that are out there for women in the oil and gas industry.  This book is a fantastic platform to help us do exactly that .”

Katy Heidenreich, Upstream Operations Optimisation Manager, Oil & Gas UK said:

“The UK’s oil and gas industry is a fast-moving and innovative place, with career opportunities all over the world. At the heart of this project is a shared love for an exciting industry and a desire to celebrate what a great place it is for both men and women to work.

“The process of writing the book was hugely empowering. I’m extremely grateful to the inspirational women who shared a window into their diverse professional lives, showing how they have successfully managed their careers and the fun that they have had along the way.

“From Chief Executives of global organisations to young engineers, it shows that while women represent one in four of the workforce, we already make an incredible impact. I hope that by reading it, more young women will have the confidence and feel encouraged to join our ranks.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank our key sponsors BP, the Oil & Gas Technology Centre, Shell and BH GE. They have helped not just to make this book a reality but also to ensure the material reaches as many people as possible.”

Deirdre Michie, Chief Executive, Oil & Gas UK said:

“There are many women leading the way across our sector and this book shines a light on their stories. We know that role models are critical to enabling greater diversity in the workforce.

“By sharing their stories and giving advice, Katy provides us with a great insight into the positive opportunities that are offered by our industry. I’d encourage every girl thinking about her future to give it a read.”

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