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STV Sustainable Scotland Series: Reducing emissions

28 August 2023 1 minute read

Sustainable Scotland: Reducing emissions from energy and capitalising on the race toward renewables

The future of our energy is under the spotlight like never before

Energy prices have reached record levels in the past couple of years, and although easing, hundreds of thousands of households across Scotland are still struggling to pay their bills.

Against that backdrop, there’s been a growing debate over the future of oil drilling in the North Sea and the pace at which we’re moving to renewables.

How we heat our homes, fuel our cars and power our businesses will be some of the crucial questions in the years to come.

In the latest in their reports on how the country is going green, STV News looks at what’s being done to reduce our emissions from energy.

You can catch our very own Niki Chambers, Head of Technology Services on STV’s News at Six

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