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25. Examining the potential of wave energy

24 February 2023

A study by the University of Plymouth has revealed that wave energy has the potential to supply 15% of the UK’s annual electricity. Scotland, with its excellent wave resources, is a pioneer in the deployment of test and demonstration devices for wave and tidal technologies. However, there are factors hindering the industry from large-scale development.

In this episode we are joined by Elva Bannon, Research and Engineering Manager at Wave Energy Scotland, to discuss the potential of harnessing the power of waves to generate energy. Examining the current state of technology development, we explore the key challenges faced by the industry.

Topics covered in this podcast:
  • What is wave energy?
  • Development of the wave energy industry
  • Potential of wave energy as a clean source of power
  • Challenges in technology development
  • Emerging wave energy companies
  • Wave Energy Scotland’s remit
  • Integration of offshore wind with wave energy systems
  • Wave energy test centres around the world
  • Wave Energy Scotland programme

Featuring Elva Bannon, Research and Engineering Manager, Wave Energy Scotland

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