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Prime Minister visits the Oil & Gas Technology Centre

29 April 2017

The Prime Minister joined our chairman, Archie Kennedy, chief executive, Colette Cohen, and Conservative general election candidate, Ross Thomson MSP at a meeting with leaders from across the industry and local universities.

They discussed the Technology Centre’s vital role to help maximise the economic recovery of oil and gas and anchor our world-class supply chain in North East Scotland – making sure the region remains a great place to live, work and invest for generations to come.

Recognising the industry’s significant contribution to the UK economy, the Prime Minister described how the Industrial Strategy would encourage and support the future development of the industry in the North Sea and globally, given the valuable export potential that exists.

The Prime Minister was then taken on a tour of the Centre, meeting with several technology companies to experience their innovative solutions first hand. From offshore inspection drones to virtual reality applications to offshore renewable power solutions, she saw how technology is making a positive impact across the sector.

Colette Cohen said:

“It was great to have the Prime Minister with us today to see how we’re inspiring, accelerating and funding technology that will transform the industry.

“We’re challenging how our industry works, reimagining the way we do things and using technology to lower costs, increase efficiency and improve recovery. 

“At the same time, we also need a long-term vision, making sure that oil and gas are part of a balanced and integrated energy solution for the UK as we move to a lower carbon future. 

“Technology has a vital role to play in this transition and we are working with the industry and academia to co-invest in technologies that will make this vision a reality.”

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