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Prime Minister’s visit – thanks to the technology providers!

25 May 2017

Sixteen organisations from across the UK took a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase their innovative solutions to the Prime Minister, and helped the Oil & Gas Technology Centre demonstrate how technology is transforming the industry.

Colette Cohen, Chief Executive said: “The Prime Minister’s visit was a resounding success thanks to the technology providers who pulled out all the stops to help, with very little notice and shrouded in secrecy. Their solutions are helping solve key challenges in the oil & gas industry and we look forward to continuing our work with them in the future.

“The event was a great opportunity to explain how technology is transforming the industry, helping unlock the full potential of the North Sea and anchoring our world-class supply chain in North East Scotland.”

The companies and their technologies which made the event such a success, included:

3M – Ceramic sand screens: Capable of preventing sand flow or proppant flow back even in the harshest environments.

Air Control Energy – ACE Owl: UAV design that can light up an area to be inspected and retrieve high quality footage.

EC-OG – Subsea Power Hub Turbine Model: A self-contained regenerative energy source which harnesses the energy of ocean currents to generate, store and deliver autonomous electrical power.

Equalizer Flange Integrity – Xtegrity: Takes away the need to remove corroded bolts by “replacing” them with a new set of bolts which clamp round the outside of the flange.


Exnics – Hot Rings: Modular system that converts temperature difference into a scalable DC power supply.

GCG Group – Indestructible paint: Durable one-coat painting system for oil and gas process equipment and structures.

InspectahireRange of remote visual inspection devices used for pipelines, and infrared cameras for gas leak detection.

Marine Technical Limits – Applying virtual reality to real world scenarios: A highly accurate virtual reality environment to simulate a wide range of drone inspection scenarios.

Oceaneering – Video display: Detailing a wide range of asset integrity solutions to industry challenges.

QinetiQ: Downhole interrogator tool for advanced monitoring of well performance, as well as a tactical robot from military use in reconnaissance, and detection and removal of hazardous materials.

Subsea Deployment Systems – Subsea Deployment System: A low cost, method of transporting, installing or removing structures or large skips to or from the seabed without using a heavy lift vessel.

Sonomatic: Internal Caisson Tool which uses a range of techniques for accurate and reliable inspection of caissons, and ROV tooling.

TRAC Oil & Gas – PEC inspection: Pulsed Eddy Current equipment used for the detection of corrosion under insulation.

Tracerco – Discovery Pipeline CT Scanner: A diagnostics instrument designed to detect wall loss, corrosion and build-up such as hydrate, sand, asphaltene, scale or wax.

University of Aberdeen– Subsea Camera:  Time-lapse, long-use camera to monitor the marine ecosystem in proximity of an installation for environment impact assessment.

Well-Centric – 3D Printing: Increases the speed of conceptual phases during technology development through quick production of scale models.

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