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Solving the corrosion under insulation challenge

28 March 2018

Corrosion costs the UK economy an incredible £28 billion every year, with that figure rising to £4 trillion globally!

Corrosion under insulation poses a significant operational, safety and economic challenge for the oil and gas industry.

Over 20% of the major oil and gas incidents reported within the EU since 1984 are associated with CUI. Many assets in the North Sea are operating beyond their expected design life and 60% of pipe failures are caused by CUI.

Our vision is to eliminate failures due to CUI by 2026 and we need new technology to make this a reality.

We’re looking for innovative ideas and concepts to predict, detect, inspect, and mitigate CUI. This will enhance safety, improve production efficiency and help us unlock the full potential of the UKCS.

We have c.£1 million to invest in ideas!

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