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Basis of Study Report: Hydrogen Offshore Production Project (HOP2)

NZTC’s Hydrogen Offshore Production Project (HOP2) seeks to demonstrate the feasibility of offshore green hydrogen production at a scale of 500MW-1GW, through the repurposing of existing oil and gas assets.

The HOP2 project will be delivered over four years and is split into four phases.

Phase one of the project is divided into three key activity areas:

  • Basis of Study
  • Concept Development
  • Study Report

The overall objective of the Basis of Study was to define the project basis for subsequent project phases and includes:

  • Outline Basis for the Concept Development and onwards project phases.
  • GIS mapping overview and identification of suitable assets.
  • Cluster analysis and identification of suitable assets for Concept Development
  • Offshore hydrogen production scenarios for different volumes of hydrogen produced and different methods of production.
  • Definition of indicative energy balances for each production scenario. Outlining of appraisal for re-use of oil & gas infrastructure versus building of new infrastructure.
  • Detailing advantages and disadvantages of onshore hydrogen production versus offshore hydrogen production.

The HOP2 project is part of the wider Hydrogen Project portfolio and its links to the hydrogen backbone and onshore energy hubs projects will be further explored during concept development.

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