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Technology Driving Green Energy

The Technology Driving Green Energy Growth report, produced by the Technology Leadership Board, Net Zero Technology Centre and Accenture, sets out robust recommendations detailing how rapid investment in technology innovation can help enable the delivery of the North Sea Transition Deal’s (NSTD) emissions targets and the creation of a net-zero energy system in the North Sea.

If the opportunities identified in the report are realised, it would reduce the cost of green hydrogen by up to 60%; reduce the cost of floating wind by up to 40% through optimised integration; and de-risk blue hydrogen, lowering the cost of delivery and enabling a future import market for CO2.

The report explores:

  • Volume and breakthrough opportunities in hydrogen, floating offshore wind, and carbon capture storage technologies
  • How to achieve commercialisation
  • Cost competitiveness of these advanced solutions
  • Domestic and international supply chain opportunities and low carbon job creation

Three recommendations are prioritised that will accelerate rapid, early roll out of critical, affordable net-zero technologies.

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