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Supporting investment decisions through due diligence assessment of digital platforms

Project Summary

Our client, SCF Partners, a private equity firm with a long history of investing in and building energy services companies, was seeking to expand its portfolio with a focus on maintenance and upgrade of critical energy infrastructure.

They had identified an opportunity to invest in Global E&C, a UK brownfield EPC contractor with digital capability and solutions that could play a pivotal role in delivering energy security, digitalisation and decarbonisation of existing energy infrastructure.

As part of its due diligence process, SCF Partners wanted support to undertake a technical and commercial review of Global E&C’s digital ecosystem, to determine the strength of potential competitive advantage and help shape future development roadmaps.

Project Scope

NZTC conducted a focussed due diligence exercise to evaluate the digital platforms against key client questions covering:

  • An explanation of what the platform is, what problems it solves and who uses it.
  • How it differentiates from others in the market or in development.
  • The development roadmap, longer term strategy and risks.
  • Commercialisation potential and how to monetise.
  • Process maturity and capacity to integrate across the business and those of potential clients.

This was delivered in an accelerated timetable based on review meetings with Global E&C and internal and external users of the system.

Project Results

SCF Partners was presented with a concise presentation detailing the analysis of the digital platforms coupled with NZTC’s unique insights on technology , market fit and potential routes to market.  This strengthened  SCF Partners conviction that Global E&C’s digital solutions were differentiated. It also signposted near term actions to follow up on.

Technology Due Diligence

NZTC Technology Due Diligence provides a deep understanding of the commercial and innovation landscape supporting investment decisions and reducing the complexity involved in technology selection.


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