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Technology Roadmapping identifies 74% emissions reduction potential across Greater Markham Area (GMA) hub

Project overview

Spirit Energy has a portfolio and ambitions that span the breadth of the energy transition

They have interest in 25 fields producing 14.3 mmboe per year and employ 700 people across their UK and Netherlands assets.  With 96% of their portfolio being gas, they provide energy essential to the region and support long term energy security.

As part of their decarbonisation strategy, Spirit Energy identified the need to reduce power and venting emissions from assets across their Greater Markham Area (GMA) hub, which spans the UK and Dutch continental Shelves and comprises the Markham, Chiswick, Grove and Kew fields.

Project Scope

To determine which innovative technologies could be adopted and deployed across GMA to reduce future emissions relating to power and venting, we applied our Technology Roadmapping tool to evaluate the technology solutions with best fit and impact (Flaring and Fugitive emissions were not part of this scope).

We evaluated:

  • The technology solutions that will make the greatest contribution towards North Sea Transition Deal (NSTD) targets in 2025, 2027, 2030 and 2050
  • Greatest return on technology investment in terms of CO2 emissions reduction
  • The technologies that are available now with the greatest impact and those to watch
  • A range of potential providers
  • The impact on the asset’s emissions
  • The complexity and indicative cost to implement

Project results

Short term decarbonisation practices were identified, supporting emissions reductions exceeding NSTD targets on GMA, in addition to technology innovations that would assist net zero operations in the longer term.

We identified that a switch to green methanol as a retrofittable alternative fuel for gas turbines alone would provide a 74% reduction in power generation emissions, GMA location is in good proximity to European suppliers.

Opportunities to reduce emissions were illustrated, utilising venting reduction technology, power management system process optimisation tools and increased remote control solutions.

“At Spirit Energy, our vision is to become a net-zero company for operational scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2050. To realise this, we must explore the application of new innovations and technologies, the challenge is, knowing where to start and understanding the value those technologies bring in helping us meet our targets.

The Net Zero Technology Centre’s Roadmapping solution exceeded expectations, identifying a number of technologies that can really help us move the needle in terms of emissions reduction. We now have a really clear picture of what technologies are available, what’s coming on the horizon and how they will impact our decarbonisation and commercial goals.”
Gemma Campbell, Production Director, Spirit Energy

Technology Roadmapping

Decarbonise your operations leveraging technology as your gamechanger.

Reducing emissions from your assets is filled with complexity, but necessary to meet your ESG requirements and net zero targets. A decarbonisation plan and technology roadmap will support your emissions reduction and business growth strategies; helping you build robust business cases to not only maintain your licence to operate, but secure future investment.

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