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The Well Decommissioning Collaboration Initiative

We’re accelerating the pace at which well decommissioning technology is qualified and commercialised to reach the industry target of a minimum of 35% cost reduction and 50% emissions reduction in well decommissioning by 2035.

The Well Decommissioning Collaboration Initiative has been established by the Net Zero Technology Centre and actively supported by the Technology Leadership Board (TLB), North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) and Offshore Energies UK (OEUK) to support these targets.

Financial investment from the operator consortium enables new technologies to be trialled and tested in multi-operator collaboration field trials, enabling faster, lower-cost and wider industry adoption.

A total of up to £1.5 million annual funding is available to support field trials and test innovative well decommissioning technology ideas.

The multi-operator led initiative will fund up to five technologies per year and support a minimum of three field trials for each technology. The goal is to have a minimum of six technologies successfully qualified and adopted by year four of the collaboration.

Three technology focus areas have been identified by the consortium partners:

  • Alternative Barrier Materials 
  • Inspection & Verification Technology
  • Well Decommissioning Enabling Technology


Harbour Energy, Repsol Sinopec Resources UK, Spirit Energy, ConocoPhillips and Petrobras are members of the collaboration consortium.

We are actively seeking further support to deliver solutions to the well decommissioning challenges identified by industry. If you are an operators interested in joining the collaboration, please get in touch.