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Integrated Data Platforms

We are targeting Data Platform Solutions, aimed at key business problems, that can integrate different data types from multiple source systems allowing data to be autonomously shared, governed, and transformed between trusted parties for improved operational processes and greater analytical insights.

The Offshore Energy Data Strategy (OEDS) Taskforce recently brought together stakeholders from across the offshore energy sector to make a series of recommendations in a report to accelerate the development and deployment of digital and data technologies.

The report makes a series of recommendations and highlights the opportunity that data sharing can play in integrating industries, which traditionally operate in silos, together into a connected digital ecosystem to achieve the common objective of achieving an affordable energy transition.

A key recommendation from the strategic report is to “establish a common data toolkit to facilitate controlled and automated data sharing across the sector.”


We are seeking ideas to achieve this strategic vision. Technology ideas should articulate:

  • The components that make up the data sharing platform.
  • How the platform can be interoperable with other existing independent systems.
  • The use case/s that the solution will be deployed to deliver value for end users and contribute towards the energy transition.
  • The novelty of this approach compared to other solutions.

Ideas to be considered for this focus area should:

  • Be agnostic and applicable to any sector.
  • Technology Entry Level is minimum 5 with development to achieve up to 8.