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Hydrogen & other clean fuels

The production and use of hydrogen will play a key role in the UK reaching its climate objectives and net zero. As part of our funding competition, we aimed to target hydrogen and other clean fuel technologies within the following three focus areas:

Improved Electrolysis

The aim is to reduce the levelised cost of hydrogen (LCOH). Therefore, we were seeking technologies that deliver efficiency or performance improvement over existing electrolysis techniques. This may be achieved through improved electrolyser efficiency, improvements to balance of plant, or via emerging electrolysis methods.  

Alternative Fuel Production Prototype / Pilot / Demonstration Projects

Alternative hydrogen-based fuels (such as ammonia, e-methanol etc) provide an opportunity to deliver an energy system with a reduced carbon footprint that has minimal impact on existing facilities. This focus area looked for prototype, pilot and demonstration projects to accelerate the development of lower cost, low carbon fuels. 

Marine and Pipeline Transport Ancillary Systems

A key challenge in delivering a hydrogen economy is transporting and storage. This focus area looked for ancillary technologies to facilitate hydrogen transport by pipeline or marine systems. These were likely to include valves, metering technologies, new materials etc. The technologies in this area will present a cost and lifecycle CO2 saving over existing systems.